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The Wonder Woman Movie We Deserve

Bringing the pages of a comic book to life on screen can be a herculean task, one of which our technology has only recently become capable. Burton’s 1989 “Batman” made do with the limitations of its time and even restored… Continue Reading →

Target’s Ode to Motherhood??

Ugh, really?

Celebrity Politics

This is Me Not Caring About What Happens at Entertainment Award Shows

Coming Soon: CatholicX

We’re putting together something great for our community to help promote good. Stay tuned for updates in early 2017!

Top 5 Most Pathetic Celebrity Endorsements For Hillary Clinton

It’s crunch time in the 2016 presidential election and the polls are tightening as it becomes clearer and clearer that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to ever don pantsuits. Trump rallies are bringing in thousands at a time… Continue Reading →

Stephen Colbert’s Catholic Showdown

Despite some irreverent moments in the Late Show Catholic Showdown with Patricia Heaton, there was some good trivia. Nothing beats the Colbert Report Jack White interview: I still haven’t heard the Catholic trivia question to end all Catholic trivia questions:… Continue Reading →

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