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Pro Veritatis Amorisque Humanitate



There, Fixed Your Moral Relativist Nonsense For Ya!

When Critics Try to Tell Libertarians What Libertarians Believe

John Crist Settles the Ultimate Debate Between Chik-fil-A Nuggets Or Strips

Some sound science here:

What’s the Biggest Threat to Democracy?

Alternatives to Big Social Media Censors

Everyone should be expanding their network beyond T-FANG. Here are some great alternatives: Network: Messaging: Search: Video: Blog: Forum: Fundraising: Email: NPO Network:

Birttany and Nicole Pettibone Reclaim Femininity for Women

Authors and activists Brittany and Nicole Pettibone (T.S. Pettibone) discuss the modern feminists’ war on femininity: “Feminism is essentially, ‘We love women, we fight for women but, by the way women, everything that you naturally are, just throw that out.’”

Stephanie Slade on Being Libertarian and Catholic

Stephanie Slade is Managing Editor at the libertarian publication Reason. She’s also a practicing Catholic. In an article for America: The Jesuit Review, she eloquently explains how that is not only possible, but it’s actually fitting. She explains how libertarianism… Continue Reading →

Pope Leo XIII on Law and God

Fr. Robert Sirico on Theocracy and Libertinism

And Just Like That We Should Trust the Intelligence Agencies Again

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