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Pro Veritatis Amorisque Humanitate



Pope Pius X Knows How Many Genders There Are

The Psychology of Everyone Calling Everyone Else Hitler

In an insightful and witty video, One Catholic Counselor¬†explains the psychology of the politically dualist mentality (“X politician can do no right/wrong”) as basically one that’s stuck in infancy. The only exception we would take is that Obama and Trump… Continue Reading →

How some bishop handle accusations of sexual abuse

Happy Guy Fawkes Day Historical Illiterates!

“We need the government to protect our rights”

When You Stand for Birthright Citizenship but Not Birthright

A Lie Doesn’t Become Truth Just Because A Majority Tell It

If Only Guns Were As Regulated As My Birth Control – You Mean Not At All?

Health is Not a Right

Health care isn’t even a right.

Pope Francis Condemns Populism Right After Praising It

According to news agency ANSA, Pope Francis said Tuesday “it is important that young people should know how populism is born. I think of Hitler last century, who had promised the development of Germany. That we know how populism starts:… Continue Reading →

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