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‘The Dogma Lives Loudly Within’ T-Shirt

Amy Coney Barrett appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee Sept. 6, 2017. Questions from some Democratic senators focused on how Barrett’s Catholic faith might influence her decisions in cases involving abortion and same-sex marriage. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), ranking member… Continue Reading →

Good Guy/Bad Guy Divide

Education and War

While the sentiment of this meme is nice, it makes some false assumptions and is in fact incorrect. A civilization doesn’t spend money on peace unless you consider everything in trade outside of war to be peace expenditures, in which… Continue Reading →

Remember When Two Journalists Uncovered Fetal Body Part Trafficking and Kamala Harris Prosecuted the Journalists?

The Center for Medical Progress sued Harris over the incident in May. Former Attorney General Kamala Harris had received thousands of dollars in contributions from Planned Parenthood for her re-election campaign – and then her Senate campaign.

Laura Klassen On Reproductive Choices

St. Gelasius Letter to Emperor Anastasius

Letter of Pope Gelasius to Emperor Anastasius on the superiority of the spiritual over temporal power: The pope’s view of the natural superiority of the spiriitual over the temporal power finds a clear expression the following remarkable letter of Gelasius… Continue Reading →

St Polycarp “I Don’t Bow to Caesar” T-shirt

Goes great with no face mask! Get your high quality St. Polycarp “I Don’t Bow to Caesar” T-shirt here. See other great Catholic Saint T-shirts in our store.

John XXIII on Catholics and Socialism

Pope Pius XI further emphasized the fundamental opposition between Communism and Christianity, and made it clear that no Catholic could subscribe even to moderate Socialism. The reason is that Socialism is founded on a doctrine of human society which is bounded by… Continue Reading →

Comic Jim Gaffigan Throws Temper Tantrum In Anti-Trump Twitter Rant

Catholic comic Jim Gaffigan came unhinged in an epic Twitter rant about Trump during his GOP nomination acceptance speech. That started a tirade of profanity-filled attacks on Trump fans and “trolls”. He even went after beloved Notre Dame football coach… Continue Reading →

Fascism Then and Now

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