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Pro Veritatis Amorisque Humanitate



You Don’t Accidentally Grow a Dinosaur Chicken

Allie Stuckey on the Stop Poverty Abortion Argument

Reasons for Abortions in Florida

Pro-Choicer Hugging Foster Kid

So, not killing babies = creepy theocracy. Got it.

Pro-Choice Libertarians Be Like

A Helpful Primer About Human Life

Ban Viagra Sign: Impotence is God’s Will

The argument seems to be a bit of sour grapes from a feminist that is mad about people trying to stop abortion and thus protecting innocent human lives. But the point is actually valid—treating erectile dysfunction is not a legitimate… Continue Reading →

Socialism. Not Even Once.

Alabama House Overwhelmingly Passes Abortion Ban

A bill making it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion passed in the Alabama House of Representatives Tuesday 74 to 3. “The heart of this bill is to confront a decision that was made by the courts… Continue Reading →

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