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Good Guy/Bad Guy Divide

Remember When Two Journalists Uncovered Fetal Body Part Trafficking and Kamala Harris Prosecuted the Journalists?

The Center for Medical Progress sued Harris over the incident in May. Former Attorney General Kamala Harris had received thousands of dollars in contributions from Planned Parenthood for her re-election campaign – and then her Senate campaign.

Laura Klassen On Reproductive Choices

If Pedophilia is Just Sexuality Then Burying Them All is Just Gardening

Love Requires Truth

In our current culture, people often view disagreement as tantamount to hate. This is certainly true of Christians that don’t affirm the LGBTQ view of sexual ethics. And while I don’t think it’s fair to label someone who expresses a… Continue Reading →

Activists arrested for chalking ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ in front of DC Planned Parenthood

Washington DC police arrested two prolife activists for chalking “Black Preborn Lives Matter” on the sidewalk in front of a Planned Parenthood. From the video, one officer said the charge was “defacing property” even though it was chalk and on… Continue Reading →

The COVIDS by Dr. Seuss

This is fantastic! “The COVIDS”   Now, the Mask Wearing People had faces with masks.The Open Face People refused and held fast. Those masks did no good, ‘cause the virus is small.You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at… Continue Reading →

All Black Lives Matter

You Surrendered It

Does the Government Have the Authority to Force Vaccinate People?

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