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Good Guy/Bad Guy Divide

Education and War

While the sentiment of this meme is nice, it makes some false assumptions and is in fact incorrect. A civilization doesn’t spend money on peace unless you consider everything in trade outside of war to be peace expenditures, in which… Continue Reading →

St. Gelasius Letter to Emperor Anastasius

Letter of Pope Gelasius to Emperor Anastasius on the superiority of the spiritual over temporal power: The pope’s view of the natural superiority of the spiriitual over the temporal power finds a clear expression the following remarkable letter of Gelasius… Continue Reading →

Comic Jim Gaffigan Throws Temper Tantrum In Anti-Trump Twitter Rant

Catholic comic Jim Gaffigan came unhinged in an epic Twitter rant about Trump during his GOP nomination acceptance speech. That started a tirade of profanity-filled attacks on Trump fans and “trolls”. He even went after beloved Notre Dame football coach… Continue Reading →

What Does Cannon Get?

If Pedophilia is Just Sexuality Then Burying Them All is Just Gardening

Trolls Doll Pulled For Inappropriate Sexual Content

DreamWorks’ Trolls franchise has quickly become an immensely popular property for young audiences. This week though, Trolls has gained attention over a Princess Poppy doll that has been deemed inappropriate by over 200,000 petitioners. A synopsis of this can be found on a viral Instagram… Continue Reading →

Ghislaine Maxwell Court Docs Name Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew

Dozens of new documents related to British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein case were released on Thursday night. Included in the release were emails exchanged between Maxwell and Epstein and testimonies by alleged victims, including Virginia… Continue Reading →

Tom Woods Dismantles the Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria

Author and lecturer Tom Woods soundly dismantled what he calls the “fact-free lockdown hysteria” in his 2020 Mises University talk. In the speech, he reviews the illogic of the arguments for COVID-19 lockdowns. On cancer deaths in the UK. The… Continue Reading →

The COVIDS by Dr. Seuss

This is fantastic! “The COVIDS”   Now, the Mask Wearing People had faces with masks.The Open Face People refused and held fast. Those masks did no good, ‘cause the virus is small.You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at… Continue Reading →

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