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Moral Reflections on Vaccines Prepared From Cells Derived From Aborted Human Foetuses

Official Documents Pontifical Academy for Life 2005 The matter in question regards the lawfulness of production, distribution and use of certain vaccines whose production is connected with acts of procured abortion. It concerns vaccines containing live viruses which have been… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood on DACA: ‘Every Person Has the Right to Live’

Alabama and West Virginia Vote for Pro-Life Amendments

Pro-lifers won a major victory in West Virginia and Alabama Tuesday, as voters approved ballot initiatives acknowledging the right to life of preborn babies. Alabama voted Tuesday to amend its state constitution to recognize the ‚Äúsanctity of unborn life and… Continue Reading →

God’s Antidepressant

Just another thing in which religion predated science.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day Historical Illiterates!

Best response ever to Pope Francis’s call to ban all weapons

When You Stand for Birthright Citizenship but Not Birthright

The Church Has Finally Found a Way to Engage to Youth!

I’m a Clump of Cells

Life Starts In the Womb #RoyalBaby

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