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Education and War

While the sentiment of this meme is nice, it makes some false assumptions and is in fact incorrect. A civilization doesn’t spend money on peace unless you consider everything in trade outside of war to be peace expenditures, in which… Continue Reading →

Remember When Two Journalists Uncovered Fetal Body Part Trafficking and Kamala Harris Prosecuted the Journalists?

The Center for Medical Progress sued Harris over the incident in May. Former Attorney General Kamala Harris had received thousands of dollars in contributions from Planned Parenthood for her re-election campaign – and then her Senate campaign.

Laura Klassen On Reproductive Choices

Fascism Then and Now

By Herot.

We Demand You Guys Run Healthcare

Good Samaritan In the Age of COVID

That Isn’t How Science Works

There Isn’t a White or Black Heaven

You’re Putting Me at Risk When You Don’t Wear a Mask

American Privilege

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