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Swear Oath on the Bible or Don’t Swear an Oath

Recently, I was an observer to a debate on the constitutionality of taking an oath of office on a book or periodical that was not THE HOLY BIBLE. The provocateur of this debate claimed that they did not understand why… Continue Reading →

What does the Bible say about walls?

Pakistan Acquits Christian Asia Bibi on Death Row for Blasphemy

Update: Bibi has been placed on a no-fly list to prevent her from leaving the country after Islamists protested the ruling: A Pakistani court has overturned the death sentence of a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy, a case that… Continue Reading →

St. Ignatius of Antioch: Death In Christ Over All the Power on Earth

Cooperation does not Require Coercion

Is Lauren Southern Catholic?

Given Ms. Southern’s solid traditional values and good looks, you’d think that she is absolutely a Catholic, but while she claims to have been raised in a Christian home, evidently it’s not Catholic. She does have jokes on the subject… Continue Reading →

The Non-Aggressive Church

This year marked the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the largest schism in Church history. Of course, in the seemingly, nominally important date of 2017, there was much talk among prominent church members, on both sides of the doctrinal divide,… Continue Reading →

Anti-Christian Starter Pack

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