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Corporate Pride

George Floyd Murdered After Using Suspected Counterfeit Money

Interview with Tradition, Family and Property’s John Ritchie

What are the main goals of TFP in 2020? Broadly speaking, the goals of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) for 2020 are the same as they were when we started in 1973.  We promote Counter-Revolutionary ideas, foster Christian culture, and… Continue Reading →

Has Trump derangement syndrome killed more people than COVID-19?

COVID-19 continues to ravage the United States and the world, but promising treatments are being used to save lives. The main treatment showing promise is hydroxychloroquine in combination with a zinc supplement and the antibiotic azithromycin, which has antiviral properties…. Continue Reading →

Render Unto Caesar The Things That Are God’s

MIT PhD Dismantles CDC Narrative on COVID-19

Mike Church interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD and inventor of email regarding the COVID-19 crisis. They discuss the inappropriate reaction of the federal and global health establishment to the pandemic and Dr. Ayyadurai’s proposal to restore America’s immune and… Continue Reading →

Celebrities Use Coronapocalypse to Promote Atheistic One World Government

In an effort to help ease the pain of the masses during the corona lockdown, Gal Gadot, star of Marvel’s Wonder Woman, shared a video of some big time celebrities badly singing John Lennon’s ode to atheistic socialism “Imagine” on… Continue Reading →

If you don’t like stores running out of basic necessities, you’re not going to like socialism…

Think of the Most Vulnerable Person You Know And Vote in Their Best Interest

Bernie Sanders is Correct

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