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Pope Francis Says Abortion Never Justified; Akin to Hiring a Hitman

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion can never be condoned, even when the fetus is gravely sick or likely to die, and urged doctors and priests to support families to carry such pregnancies to term. Speaking to a Vatican… Continue Reading →

Hate Speech Is Only Real For Those Who Hate Speech

Liberals Killing Liberalism

Allie Stuckey on the Stop Poverty Abortion Argument

Everything I Dislike Should Be Banned; Everything I Like is a Right and Should Be Paid for By Others

Reasons for Abortions in Florida

So, not killing babies = creepy theocracy. Got it.

Pro-Choice Libertarians Be Like

A Helpful Primer About Human Life

Is The Europe Of Nations Really the Goal?

Next May 25, European citizens from the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (EUSSR) -officially known as the EU- are called to participate in the elections to the so-called “European Parliament” -such a Central Executive Comitee. That election is on… Continue Reading →

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