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Motherhood is Priceless

Romania builds cathedral instead of hospital

We’d much rather it be a cathedral instead of a government building, but we’ll take it.

Late Term Abortion: You’re Delivering a Baby Anyway, Why Kill Her Before?

MAGA Kids Menacing Native Americans

Nancy Pelosi Will Cut Your Head Off. I Know.

Ben Shapiro at March for Life 2019: Righteousness doesn’t have to be popular it just has to be righteous.

America’s story is an incredible story of a shining ideal pursued over the centuries extended to the full range and scope of humanity. America was founded on the promise of God-given rights, chief among them, the right to life and… Continue Reading →

If liberals are morally superior, why do they need a 3rd-party government to help others?

Too Much Communism Is Bad For Cookies

From the inbox.

Why Is “Putting Food on the Table” More Important for Government Employees?

Critic of the Church’s Handling of the Abuse Scandal, Fr. Mark Goring Has Been Silenced

A priest in the Houston diocese, Fr. Mark Goring, has been silenced for speaking out against the Church scandals and for encouraging action to take down what he has referred to as “the corruption network”. He has a Youtube channel… Continue Reading →

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