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Pro Veritatis Amorisque Humanitate



Pro-life Death Penalty Feminism and Sharia Law

Socialist: Free Market Fails, Blame the Free Market; Socialism Fails, Blame the Free Market

If catholics came up with it, it must be good!

So, socialism or capitalism?

When You Stand for Birthright Citizenship but Not Birthright

Presbyterian Minister Who Welcomes Everyone Protests Trump: “You’re Not Welcome Here”

Presbyterian “minister”: “We welcome everybody here!” Also Presbyterian “minister”: “You’re not welcome here!”

Quite Possibly the Worst Argument for Abortion Ever

Why Real Communism Can Never Be Tried

“It wasn’t real communism.” This is the argument communists and their sympathizers use as a last line of defense whenever a society that lives by communist principles inevitably collapses.  And it’s correct, technically.  Real communism has not been tried because… Continue Reading →

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