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44 Senators Who Voted Against to Deny Care to Babies Born Alive After an Abortion

Ann Boleyn with No Body on Valentine’s Day

Better late than never!

Insta-killed because your mom wants to make Power-Points instead of raise you

Worms Are More Important Than Innocent Human Babies to Democratic Legislator [Really]

On January 9th — the same day Virginia Democrat Kathy Tran introduced her abortion bill that would legalize infanticide, she submitted “House Bill No. 2495 — Eradication of fall cankerworm; spraying prohibited during certain months.” Whereas 2491 puts to death… Continue Reading →

There’s no such thing as a “safe” abortion

I Heartbreak NY

What Does #ShoutYourAbortion Look Like When You Replace Abortion With Genocide?

The #ShoutYourAbortion campaign took off in 2015 when founder Amelia Bonow just couldn’t take the stigma that killing her baby had. It recently regained some steam when Oprah Winfrey’s magazine O featured an article with Bonow talking about the inspiration… Continue Reading →

What Would the Pharisees Say About the Death Penalty?

Quite Possibly the Worst Argument for Abortion Ever

Letting Cecil Richards Off the Hook

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