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Ángel Manuel García Carmona

Neither Rules Nor Authority Are the Problem

French Revolution involved the creation of the modern State as in the germination of secularism, intolerant laicism, free-masonry, socialism and communism.

Should We Be Concerned About ‘Tech’ In The Post-COVID-19 World?

Undeniably, the COVID-19 crisis is bringing up a wide range of consequences. Whatever we may think about the “origin” of the virus or the range of political measures that have been taken, some thing may change. Politicians and elites -remember… Continue Reading →

Interview with Tradition, Family and Property’s John Ritchie

What are the main goals of TFP in 2020? Broadly speaking, the goals of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) for 2020 are the same as they were when we started in 1973.  We promote Counter-Revolutionary ideas, foster Christian culture, and… Continue Reading →

Is Global Socialism a Symptom of Coronavirus?

Last week, the WHO claimed a pandemic situation because of COVID-19. At March 19 5pm, there had been more of 230,000 reported cases, according to Worldometers. The first countries to be hit hard were China, Iran, Italy, Spain, Germany and… Continue Reading →

Greta Thunberg is a Saint in the False Religion of the State

Some elites and supranational entities, by means of governments, are trying to impose values based on a materialist, pagan, marxist, pro single government, French-Revolution-inspired and totalitarian “false religion”.

The “Pro Libertatem” Endeavour of Catholic Tradition

The topic of the 21st Alfonso Carlos I Forum in Madrid was feminism, but by the end of the conference, I was convinced we are witnessing a larger, more threatening evil in society. There is a concerted effort to replace… Continue Reading →

Maybe Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Is Far From Monetary Freedom

Last week, Facebook has finally revealed the details about its cryptocurrency project –Libra. As some of you may know, Mark Zuckerberg wants to go beyond mere social networking services, reaching into the “banking area.” That digital currency is based on… Continue Reading →

Is the Huawei Security Crisis Just Another Battle in Trump’s Trade War?

The Government of the United States, through the Department of Commerce, has established a set of restrictions on the Chinese technological company Huawei—whose smartphones are among the most distributed in the world. Last week it was disallowed to demand software… Continue Reading →

Is The Europe Of Nations Really the Goal?

Next May 25, European citizens from the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (EUSSR) -officially known as the EU- are called to participate in the elections to the so-called “European Parliament” -such a Central Executive Comitee. That election is on… Continue Reading →

Maybe You Are Wrong: Open Source Has Nothing To Do With Socialism

Collectivist ideology has its tentacles in every industry including Information Technology. Proof of that is the thesis about open source philosophy as a case for socialism. It is supported by superficial arguments such as the fact that those software solutions are… Continue Reading →

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