Finally a place where we can talk about religion and politics!

The Tom Woods Show

The Tom Woods Show isn’t explicitly a Catholic podcast but Woods is a traditional Catholic and the Church does come up regularly.

The Mike Church Show on The Crusade Channel

The Crusade Channel is a platform with the goal of restoring “men of good will to radio broadcasting.” The Mike Church Show is the anchor show for the platform with daily shows at 6am. He discusses politics and faith with a creative, humorous, and often bombastic approach.

The Jason Jones Show

Jason Jones is a Catholic filmmaker out of Hawai’i with a deep love of the founding principles of the United States.

Rules for Retrogrades with Timothy Gordon

After almost three generations of radical popular culture, the fallow ground is now fertile for the cultivation—the re-flowering—of Christian culture. The West is now ready for the RETROGRADE programme of recovery.

Taylor Marshall Show

Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses theology, the Church, and politics in his wide-ranging platform.