Obama in his book Dreams of my Father said he chose his friends carefully; the Marxist professors and the structural feminist. He also said that Islam is a religion of peace, that the Koran is holy, and that no one will prosper who slanders the prophet. I contend that on the world stage Islam and Marxism represent the two great anti-Christ forces today.

Jay Sekulow's Unholy Alliance: The Agenda of Iran, Russia, and Jihadist Share for Conquering the World

Jay Sekulow’s Unholy Alliance: The Agenda of Iran, Russia, and Jihadist Share for Conquering the World

The fact that president Obama is so affectionate to both of these ideologies ought to be alarming to people who have studied Marxism and the teachings of Muhammad. Marxism is still alive as philosophy and its very much alive in the progressive democratic movement. Marxism is dialectical materialism. The materialism part says there is energy and matter but there is no spirit; hence religion is the opiate of the people. The dialectic is that demographic groups are struggling for domination and power. The ones who have power will not relinquish power so it must be taken by revolutionary violence.

In the Communist Manifest we see that these concepts apply in nature. The seed coat is in a struggle with the germ and the coats must be destroyed so the germ can survive. That is why is Marxism you see the raised fist and the constant division. The war on women. Pitting men against women. Racial contention; pitting races against each other. Pitting the worker against the capitalist. Pitting the aged against the young. The idea that one is taking from the other and the remedy must come from violence too achieve justice. Marxism is about rage and anger. It is about one group hating another group.

Marxism is alive and well in the Black Lives Matter movement which has nothing of the spirit of Martin Luther King and pits black people against the police as they chant “pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon.” BLM reeks of Marxism. What is Marxism really? It is a materialistic philosophy that is hostile to religion and exacerbates tension between people and magnifies civil unrest. It promises a one world workers paradise through revolutionary violence, which is a false imitation of the coming kingdom of heaven on earth. It must be alive because we have many Marxist professors in our universities. It disguises itself with words like progressive, or socialist but Marxism is Marxism. It was one of the goals of Marxism to get into the universities and the train up media and teachers in Marxist thought.

Obama in his book Dreams of my Father said he chose his friends carefully the Marxist professors and the structural feminist. Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis who is mentioned affectionately 22 times in his memoir. Davis was a card carrying communist who hated Winston Churchill, loved Stalin, and was for the advancement of the Soviet Empire. Both Clinton and Obama were students of Saul Alinsky who wrote the manual for community organizers; Rules for Radicals. This book teaches how to use the civil rules of a community to turn the community on it’s head. How to seize power. It uses division to conquer, and demonizes authority and who the book was dedicated to should tell you all you need to know. The book was dedicated to the first rebel Satan.

Yes Obama wrote the book Dreams of my Father but his biological father abandoned him early in life. His mother handed him over to her mother. So who were the fatherly influences in Obama’s life? As I mentioned it was Frank Marshall Davis who was for the destruction of the west and Saul Alinsky. What brings Marxism and Islam together? They both hunger for the destruction of both America and Israel. They both want to bring down the miserable house of the West. So they are temporary bedfellows. In the early nineties the Muslim Brotherhood issued a strategy edict on how to bring down the “miserable” house of the west. They would use immigration as a tool of Jihad and simply out-breed the infidel once inside his country. You can look to Europe and the no go zones in France and England to see how successful they have been in Europe.

President Obama has great affection toward Islam and says no one will prosper who slanders the prophet (Muhammad). He constantly refers to the Koran as holy. What does Islam say about Jews? 1. Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say.”O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” What does Islam say about Christians? Quran 9:30 “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!”

There is only one book that is holy and that is the Bible and any teaching that would teach a different gospel than the one Paul preached is accursed. Paul taught God as Father, Jesus as Son, Jesus crucified for our sins and Jesus resurrected, all things emphatically denied by the Koran. Paul said even if an angel brings you a different gospel and that is what Muhammad said. Muhammad said an angel gave him his inspiration. The angel Gabriel in fact. The same Gabriel that announced to Mary that she would bear the son of God. That has to be ironic cause Islam denies Jesus as the son and anyone who would call Jesus the son of God that Allah should destroy him.


So Islam hijacked and corrupted much of the Bible. Now Marxism and Islam each have a different idea of what the New World Order will be but for now they will be partners to bring down America and Israel. Clinton is for open borders and a diminished America as a country with language, culture, and borders usurped. People are being deceived by our leaders and saltless saints are ignoring the truth. Obama lit up the White House to celebrate ungodly marriage. He proclaimed a gay pride month. How can one have pride in mortal sin? He said a man and man is as admirable as a man and a woman. Jesus said one man and one woman should become one flesh. He never said a man and a man should be one flesh. That is not just spiritually awful it is biologically insane. Sodomy is insanity. Or as Muhammad said that a man can become one flesh with four women. And both bigamy and sodomy are blasphemous.

President Obama hired Kevin Jennings as deputy safe school czar to bring homosexual propaganda into our classroom; Jennings wrote the introduction to the book The Queering of Elementary Education. Do you really want your elementary kids queered. Shameful. He also issued and edict to mandate that schools allow children to determine their own sex or they would lose federal funding. Now the lesson plan becomes for children that their gender is fluid and they can choose their own sex. Such rot. And people have either reprobate or deceived minds that think this president is cool. Not in God’s eyes. What does the Bible say about people who imposter their sex? It is forbidden. So is homosexuality. And Obama promotes it all.