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Fascism Then and Now

By Herot.

Monarchism in the United States

On Wednesday, August 26, organizes a webinar-colloquium in which the current situation of monarchism in the United States will be analyzed, as well as the proposals that it can make in the current times. In this session, starting at… Continue Reading →

Scriptural Basis for Sola Scriptura?

From the creator of one of our FB groups The Libertarian Catholic Social.

What Does Cannon Get?

We Demand You Guys Run Healthcare

Democratic Ticket 2020

If Pedophilia is Just Sexuality Then Burying Them All is Just Gardening

Love Requires Truth

In our current culture, people often view disagreement as tantamount to hate. This is certainly true of Christians that don’t affirm the LGBTQ view of sexual ethics. And while I don’t think it’s fair to label someone who expresses a… Continue Reading →

Trolls Doll Pulled For Inappropriate Sexual Content

DreamWorks’ Trolls franchise has quickly become an immensely popular property for young audiences. This week though, Trolls has gained attention over a Princess Poppy doll that has been deemed inappropriate by over 200,000 petitioners. A synopsis of this can be found on a viral Instagram… Continue Reading →

STUDY: Coronavirus lockdowns killing 10,000 children per month and starving millions more

A new study shows that coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns are leading to the deaths 10,000 children per month and stunting the growth of millions more. “It’s been seven months since the first COVID-19 cases were reported, and it is increasingly… Continue Reading →

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