In a curious tweet, the actress and abortion activist Alyssa Milano gave some love to God and science:

We can assume that the post (despite being published on April Fool’s Day) was an earnest defense of her pet cause. She’s been in Georgia fighting the Heartbeat Bill, which aims to protect human lives at the point a heartbeat can be detected.

It’s odd for any abortion advocate to cite her love of God who knew every one of us before we were formed in the womb and who consecrated us before we were born, but perhaps she was only setting us up for the zinger that science trumps faith.

Someone may want to let Alyssa know that science is quite in agreement with God on abortion. It is incontrovertible scientific fact that a unique human being begins its life at fertilization. As we thoroughly explain in the Summa of the Prolife Position, the biology is quite clear. If the fetus isn’t alive, how does he move, grow, emote? And if the fetus isn’t a human, what species is she?

We’re glad that Alyssa loves God and science. Now, we just hope she can grow to understand them too.