America’s story is an incredible story of a shining ideal pursued over the centuries extended to the full range and scope of humanity. America was founded on the promise of God-given rights, chief among them, the right to life and Liberty While America have imperfectly fulfilled that promise, we always move forward toward the Perfection of that promise. over time those unjustly omitted from the founding bargain were admitted and embraced. The American Family grew. only one group was left behind. That Group had once been prize possession of a great and loyal people: its children.

Entrusted to us by the Creator given to us with care and love. We built the country for our children We built our lives for our children.

And then something happened; we as a country, decided to erase them. We decided that the present was more important than the future. We decided that convenience was more important than basic decency. We decided that we could blot out millions of innocent souls who couldn’t protect themselves—still forever voices that could not speak. We dehumanize the most human, the most innocent among us. We lied to ourselves and then we built walls around that lie. We lied about the science. We falsified anti-scientific arguments about the origin of life.

We pretended that human beings were not actually human beings. We pretended to human beings with DNA different than their fathers and their mothers, human beings producing their own red blood cells by 12 Weeks, their own fingerprints by week 8, their own developing eyes legs and Hands by week 5 their own forming nervous systems by week 3 we pretended that these were not human beings human lives at all but disposable balls of needs. We fought to avoid looking directly at the ugly truth of what we’ve done. WE created euphamisms: termination of pregnancy, abortion, choice. What we were really engaging in was the mass killing of The Unborn children of course. Millions of children who will never be held, never open their eyes would never see the sunrise; would never become parents and grandparents.

the dismemberment of babies in the womb; the torture of tiny bodies. and we told ourselves we were virtuous for our lie. We reversed good and evil we told ourselves that the killing has continued because if it didn’t we’d be disadvantaging women or raising crime rate or imposing economic hardship. We told women that abortion wasn’t merely a choice it was a valuable worthwhile Choice We told them to “Shout their abortion”—to be proud of participating in the killing of The Unborn.

We excised those who stood for life. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York just a few years ago said that those were right to life have no place in the state of New York. Just this week Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the pro-lifers were not in line with where we are as a society.

Well you know what maybe they’re right. Maybe we today here are not in line with society. We do live in a time when the Democratic party has embraced abortion as a sacrament and by the way a time when many of the Republican Party spent years pledging to defund Planned Parenthood and then didn’t do it when they were given the power to. We live in a time when pro-life Nations around the world are loosening their own restrictions on the killing of The Unborn.

So perhaps we are out of line with the rest of society to which I say: good! So were the abolitionists. So were the Civil Rights Marchers. So were the martyrs in Rome and the Jews in Egypt.

Righteousness doesn’t have to be popular it just has to be righteous.

And so we March. We March for those who can’t.

The media will ignore us because they always do. They’ll cover other marches, you know the five people who shop tomorrow. They’ll cover the marches that they agree with politically. They bet that the tens of thousands of Brave the cold every year to Stand Here With The Souls of the future America will be forgotten.

We will not be forgotten.

Our children slaughtered over the decades remember they look at us from above and they know that they meant something that they do mean something so long as we keep them in our minds and in our hearts. our children standing here with us once were here today they will remember to they will remember and they will March until they no longer have to March. our children yet on board will remember and they will thank us in their prayers and most of all God the God built and preserves Nations who brings life and maintains it who stands with those who suffer most at the hands of evil he will remember us to you will remember America and you will bless her God will bless us because we are the guardians of his most precious creations we stand between America and the Darkness and we will march until that darkness is banished forever and all our children can stand together in the sunlight.