The Church in Africa is in good hands with Cardinal Sarah, who recently released a book, “God or Nothing” with some great lines.

Most notable is a quote that’s getting headlines:

The idea of putting Magisterial teaching in a beautiful display case while separating it from pastoral practice, which then could evolve along with circumstances, fashions, and passions, is a sort of heresy, a dangerous schizophrenic pathology.  I therefore solemnly state that the Church in Africa is staunchly opposed to any rebellion against the teaching of Jesus and of the Magisterium. . . .  The Church of Africa is committed in the name of the Lord Jesus to keeping unchanged the teaching of God and of the Church.

This is a not-so-veiled warning to those whose aim is to “modernize” the Church in contradiction to doctrine.

Here are some other quotes:

Abandon “In my life, God made ​​everything; for my part, I have wanted to pray. I’m sure my red cardinal is truly a reflection of the blood of the suffering of missionaries who came all the way from Africa to evangelize my village.”

Adoration “These turning points, it is these hours, these moments of the day, alone with the Lord, I became aware of his will on me. The great moments of life are the hours of prayer and worship. They give birth to be, they shape our true identity, they rooted in the mystery of our existence.”

51+XpvwA9qL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Euthanasia “Euthanasia is the most acute marker of a society without God, subhuman […]. Yet in my travels, I see an awakening of consciences. Young Christians in North America gradually go up to the front to re-grow the culture of death. God was not asleep, is really with those who defend life!”

Gender “Regarding my home continent, I want to strongly condemn a desire to impose false values ​​using political and financial arguments. In some African countries, ministries dedicated to gender theory were created in exchange for economic support! These policies are all the more hideous than the majority of the African population is helpless to thank you fanatical Western ideologues.”

Prayer “True prayer gives free God to come to us at will. We need to know the wait in silence. We must endure in silence, in the abandonment and trust. To pray is to be silent long; we are so often deaf, distracted by our words …”

Transmission “My father taught me much love the Virgin Mary. I can still see him throw himself on his knees in the sand to pray the Angelus every day at lunch and dinner. I have never forgotten those times when he closed his eyes to give thanks to Mary. I imitated and I recited my prayers for the mother of Jesus, at his side.”

Synod “The idea would be to place the Magisterium in jewel box by detaching the pastoral practice, which could change depending on circumstances, fashions and passions, is a form of heresy, a dangerous schizophrenic pathology. So I say solemnly that the Church in Africa will strongly oppose any rebellion against the teaching of Jesus and of the Magisterium.”