A priest in the Houston diocese, Fr. Mark Goring, has been silenced for speaking out against the Church scandals and for encouraging action to take down what he has referred to as “the corruption network”. He has a Youtube channel that has been gaining popularity and for good reason.

A fan, Doug Barry, describes him as, “an upstanding priest who cares very much for souls and has a deep love for the Catholic Church. Many of his videos that encouraged us all to speak out more and defend the Church, have since been removed from his Youtube channel.”

He had made videos with provocative content:

Cardinal Wuerl, GET OUT!

corruption network’s key lie

Fr. James Martin has really crossed the line!

Cardinal Cupich running things?!?!

The videos of which have been removed from YouTube:

Finally he was made to cease and desist:

His fans are not happy about the move:

“What really ticks me off is that a courageous and honest priest like you is told to “cease and desist,” but a priest like Fr. James Martin is allowed to continue on and on, leading people to continue in sin, and even gets appointed to a position with the Vatican! The great deceiver is at work here alright. It sickens me.”