Quite possibly the most consistent libertarian Christian political candidate in recent history, Ron Paul, continues his campaign for liberty through the Liberty Report. On a recent episode he hosted Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute, a steadfast libertarian Catholic.

In the interview they touch on topics as wide ranging as the state versus the Church, charity, foreign intervention, cryptocurrency, and, of course, Pope Francis.

One point that stands out specifically is Fr. Sirico’s distinction between power and authority: He says that authority and power are different, which lends insight into the Romans 13 conversation: “Authority is a form of constraint that is not coercive. It’s an [voluntary] acquiescence to the belief that something is true. Power is the external to the person; it’s coercive.”

Among many Christians there is a notion that support for free markets is somehow selfish and anti-Christian. What is the morality of opposing an ever-encroaching state and ever-increasing taxes? Acton Institute President Fr. Robert Sirico joins today’s Liberty Report to explain.