Dennis Prager interviews Jordan Peterson for the PragerU Summit and it got real very quick:

Peterson drops some metaphysical gems about good and evil and the innate station of man. He also gives props to Catholicism, saying, “That’s as sane as people can get.”

“We need a narrative metaphysic to hold us together and it has to be predicated on something that is transcendent and absolute. And if you lose that you’ll fall for something else or you’ll fall for nothing, which is no better…And this is the problem with the rationalists like Sam Harris and and the atheists Dawkins. They believe if we dispensed with our superstitions we would all become Harris and Dawkins: rational beings devoted toward the good… and I don’t believe that because I don’t believe that we are rational beings. I think we’re deeply irrational. It’s amazing that we can all sit in this room without tearing each other to shreds.

“And then the issue of God is that there has to be something of fundamental worth. There is something that you consider of fundamental worth. I think that regard for other people—for the conscience being of other people—is in that realm. If you’re going to have a relationship with yourself. If you’re going to be able to love someone else. If you’re going to be able to take care of your family and your community you have to attribute to human beings a value that might as well be described as divine because it has to be the highest ultimate value that you hold and it seems to me that it’s not unreasonable to associate that value that is intrinsic in humanity with something that’s metaphysically real—that’s part of the structure of reality itself.

“When you watch people act when they’re acting properly the hypothesis that there is divinity within us that reflects divinity itself is the only conclusion that makes sense, that works. I think the evidence suggest that.