One of our admins was recently thrown in Facebook jail for allegedly violating Facebook policy. The offending post was a meme posted to The Libertarian Catholic from a follower in a comment on another meme. Our admin then shared that comment as is customary for worthy comments. The post was deleted, but in essence it was something like this:

Playing off the genius:

These memes point out the eugenicist roots that both Planned Parenthood and the Nazi Party share in a clever way. No doubt they also rile up pro-choice people who can’t stand to see an organization that they support (Planned Parenthood) being compared to an organization that is universally vilified. At the time of the Facebook censorship and subsequent jailing, there were some particularly rabid pro-choicers commenting on the page, according to one admin. It’s possible that one of them or many reported the post and/or page to Facebook as a violation, similar to the take down of the entire Page in 2017 over the Ramen girl post.

This is the notice sent to the jailed admin:

As a dispassionate viewer could clearly tell, the above memes do not attack people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. In his appeal to the Facebook police, Admin 1 asked if it was against Facebook Policy to be #prolife. As of the time of this writing, Facebook has yet to respond to the appeal.

An alternate reason was given by a Facebook employee who attributed the censorship and jailing to a Facebook bot that may have identified the swastika and automatically removed it. But that doesn’t explain why the first post was removed and not the second.

In light of the continued censorship and nonsensical behavior by Facebook, we recommend that all users have a backup on CatholicX, where it will never be against their policy to be prolife.