Some fragile little snowflake couldn’t handle the bold truth we provide on a daily basis, but instead of just ignoring us, he decided to report us and encourage others to report us as scam or misuse of intellectual property or whatever. They ended up settling for hate speech evidently. As a result we’ve been unpublished on Facebook and the 12,000+ followers will not see any of our content.

The page generated a lot of interest recently from a meme post of a well-dressed socialist with a poster declaring, “If I can’t afford Ramen, I’ll eat the rich.” The post was shared over 3,ooo times with nearly a million views. Several commenters on the post threatened to report the page for various reasons including copyright infringement.

A parallel conversation about the distinction between personal and property rights spurred vehement hate from multiple trolls, while page admins kept their cool. Were they afraid that the truth may get out to too many people?

We have no doubt the Facebook team will realize this was just a sad attempt at partisan censorship and will reinstate the page soon. But in the meantime, you can follow us through our RSS feed or on our CatholicX group.